Our Story

Birthed From Earth, Dusted with Stars.

Some may say that we make jewelry. They’re not wrong. But the essence of Bearth runs a lot deeper than the external.

For us, what we make, is simply an extension of what we believe in.

You see, whether you remember it or not, we all came from stars, but we just so happened to land on this blue dot in the expression of a human body. But we are so much more than our body. We forget that our bodies are actually a physical manifestation of something bigger.

The body (specifically, the feminine body) is a mirror for the cyclical themes of birth and rebirth that we find already existing in perfect harmony within the world. Like in mother nature, in the trees, in the moon, and dare we say it, in the universe itself, too.

Our mission is for everything that we create to exist as a remembrance of what women may already know, but may have forgotten somewhere along the way.

We serve as a reminder that we are all birthed from earth, and dusted with stars.

And we believe in this mission SO much, that we named ourselves after it (and just so you know, for a brand that’s like the equivalent of getting a permanent tattoo on your forehead.)

So if you’ve found yourself on this page, reading these lines, we have a little hunch that you’re just like us. That you know there is more to life than your physical existence. And that your body, (and how you adorn it) is a portal to access deeper, more meaningful and high-vibrational frequencies.

So yes, we make jewelry. But really, we dream up ornaments that decorate your soul. Ornaments that ground you in your body, and remind you of your sacredness. Ornaments that serve as a portal to invite you to know yourself a little better, love yourself a little better, and to celebrate all the magic that makes you, well...you.

Bearth is here to walk you down the path back home to yourself.

Welcome home.

How Bearth Was Birthed

Hi angel! I’m Eliska, the creatrix behind Bearth.

I’m beyond proud to have created a brand that empowers women to fully embrace their divine femininity and gives them the freedom to live as the person they were born to be.

So you may be wondering, how did it all come to be?

My story started a few years ago, on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia.

If there’s anything that you hear frequently about Bali, it’s that it has a potent, almost other-wordly energy. A kind of energy that is difficult to ignore. If you’ve been lucky enough to come here for yourself, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if not, you’ll no doubt have heard others speak of this too.

In 2015, I packed up my things, left my old life behind and began a new chapter in Bali. This island has a magnetic pull, and has a way of revealing to you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

For me, this manifested as some pretty big revelations about the life I’d been leading up until that moment. I realised that there was more to the world than being in a cubicle and simply going through the motions. I woke up to the fact that we are here on this earth to enjoy life. We are here on earth to expand on our joy, and to embody the freedom and beautiful abundance that comes with being a woman.

Perhaps you can relate to this feeling?

After moving to Bali, I began to deeply connect with its energy. Through my individual journey and deep unravelling, I found that there were a number of things blocking nature from fully flowing I began to discover a number of tools and practices that allowed me to harness the full power of my feminine energy.

One day, when I was deep in a Shakti meditation, a voice whispered to me, clear as day:

“You are here to awaken mother nature in every woman you meet”. I knew at that moment that this was my true soul’s calling. And so, the idea for Bearth was born.

This brand holds within it the potent female energies of Shakti (the energy of creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe) as well as the volcanic devotional energy of Mama Bali.

My hope for Bearth is that every woman that wears our creations is reminded of the innate power that she has within her to create worlds. I want her to remember that she is love. She is magic. And she is a gift to this world. I can’t wait for you to experience all of this divine magic for yourself.

Now that you know us a little better and why we do what we do, why not take a peek behind the scenes and learn more about how we bring our creations to life?

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