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About Chakra Necklaces

Bearth Chakra Necklaces were created to serve as a powerful reminder of the infinite abundance that exists within you already.

Ethically handcrafted in Bali, each necklace harnesses the potent energy of this magical island. The chakra necklaces are blessed by a Balinese priest, cleansed under sacred waters and energetically charged to awaken mother nature in your body.


We in BEARTH believe in eco~entrepreneurship therefore we are making sure that our necklaces are made consciously. In our BEARTH family all team members are treated and paid fairly from the silversmith to the priest. We feel blessed working with local families who inherit mastering their craft from their ancestors.

Necklace Activation Ritual

Each of our Chakra Necklaces comes with a unique guided activation ritual to allow you to fully access its sacred energy whenever you may need it most.

May this necklace support your journey and connection to the DIVINE LOVE that you are

"A Radiant Expression Of Your Spirit, Spelled In Jewelry"

Giving Back to Communities

Ethically Produced

Blessed in Bali

Packaged in Recycled Material

Handmade by Artisans

Fair Wages