Lemurian Sisters Set

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The collection was born in the crystalline waters of the ocean. If your soul is hearing the calling of MU (short for Lemuria) answer it and dive in!

Lemurian Souls often feel a deep devotional connection to waters and healing. They are old souls who have been here already. This is Collection that celebrates women cocreating, women loving and supporting each other in their radiance - the mermaids, the pure, innocent, joyful beings are coming together. The wise healers and open loving hearts…Sisters!

Lemuria is said to be a civilization where all beings lived in harmony with the elements, the sun & the moon, understanding the interconnectedness of all. They were very advanced beings who had immense knowledge and understanding of crystals and their healing powers. They truly lived heaven on earth. They are still here and maybe you are one of them?

I spent last year receiving beautiful teachings from Lemuria about sisterhood. When I look at a woman whose soul remembers MU, I see beauty beyond eyes, I see inclusion, ever expanding heart, powerful healer, joy that tickles the deepest, inner most high, softness and receptivity of the oceans. I see a mermaid who loves playing with crystals, creating heaven on earth with other women. Co-creation in its purest form.

And all these blessings lead me to create this collection using the mystical healing power of pearls together with gold accents to bring out the magic.

Wear over your favorite bikini, with a dress casually or for special occasion, you will love it together with the wrist chain.


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