Lemurian Sisters Earrings | gold vermeil

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Lemurian Sisters Earrings are like a waterfall of crystalline waters blessing you while you wear them. They are a great addition to our Body and Wrist Chain and also look amazing worn alone. Softness and flow oozes from each piece. 

The earrings can also be worn as stud only as the chain with pearls is removable from the stud.

The earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver that is plated GOLD VERMEIL quality and beautiful freshwater pearls.

Lenght 10 cm.


Gold vermeil ~ 925  Sterling silver necklace plated 3 micro thicker layer in 22 karat gold, Gold Vermeil quality

Gold vermeil was invented in the 19th century as a combination of (pure) sterling silver and gold. 
To bined these two metals together we use electrical current which is a base of a unique chemical process. 
It is also known under the name electroplating. 
If you’re looking for the highest-quality, demi-fine jewelry, a vermeil collection with thick plating in 22k gold would be a perfect choice for a goddess like you. Allowing you to shine radiantly and share your light with the world around you. 
Characteristics of gold vermeil:

·    use sterling silver as a base material
·    vermeil has to be a thickness of at least 2.5 microns

Care Instructions

You may love swimming, but we don’t so much. Make sure to take us off before swimming or showering. We are all 925 Silver and Gold Vermeil quality, however this does not make us invincible.

Handmade jewels are fragile, so make sure to wear with care. Treat me like a delicate flower you are, and be careful that I don’t knock against hard surfaces, get dropped or caught on fabric.

Tarnish is completely normal after time, after 2-3 years is recommended to plated again.

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