• The creatrix behind the brand, Eliska, followed a beautiful angel Lisa in Ubud.

  • Lisa was wearing a similar necklace on a scooter.

  • It was a mission, a must have. When she found one for herself other women were drawn to her.

  • In one of the SHAKTIPAT meditations in Bali where her shakti (feminine energy) was flowing through in deep waves the swami told her: "You are here to awaken mother nature in each woman you meet."

  • She felt the words in every cell of her body, the deep truth & freedom that comes with that.

  • The birth of the necklace with this intention was instant.

  • Not only it holds the energies of SHAKTI as freedom but also the volcanic devotional mama energy of Bali.

  • They both unite within you as a prayer.”I wish for the necklaces to be available at every yoga studio, at every retreat, worn by every woman, as a reminder that there is innate power within you that creates worlds. You are LOVE. You are MAGIC.

  • And you are a GIFT to this world. I really want you to feel it and feel her in your body. It feels so yummy and she is your birthright.