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I LOVE MY BODY guided meditation 

Tips to get the most out of this experience:


Create a safe comfortable space for yourself  (if you need make sure the door is locked etc./ lit up a candle, use essential oils...).

  1. Lay with your legs straighten or knees bended. You can even use a pillow underneath your knees for deeper surrender and comfort.

  2. Breath in and out through your mouth (for ease, flow & relaxation).

  3. Release the jaw during the whole meditation.

  4. Breath deeply into every cell of your body: your chest, your belly, your womb.

  5. Connect the breath, there is no pause between inhale & exhale.

  6. Exhale is completely relaxed (there is no pushing, just releasing).

  7. You might experience tingling in your fingertips or tongue. If it's getting too much, slow down and soften your breath.

  8. Use your full body expression: let your body move and voice whatever needs to come through in each experience.

  9. Allow your emotions to move through you, imagive waves flowing in and out of your body.

  10. Give yourself a moment to integrate the experience afterwards.

  11. And most importantly ENJOY YOUR LOVE DANCE!

You can repeat this meditation as much as you need. 

I recommend you to start each day with this meditation and also play it during the day to give yourself a moment to come into alignment and nourish your body with your presence. 

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF: Please always listen to your body and choose the practices and how much you engage in them for yourself. All the practices shared here are not for you if you have a severe trauma history and have done little work around it. If you are on heavy medication for any mental diagnosis. If you have ever experienced seizers or have epilepsy, heart disease, or any severe emotional disorder. Not recommended for pregnancy. With that said you are still welcome in the community to receive & share.