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Top 10 Reasons Why Chakra Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

by BEARTH journey
Top 10 Reasons Why Chakra Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

There are so many reasons to gift something special to a loved one: whether it’s a birthday, holiday season or simply to celebrate an important event. It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift, while still shopping mindfully and in a way that connects with your values.

In this article we’ve detailed all the reasons why chakra jewelry makes for the perfect gift, not just for Christmas but all year-round.


3 chackra necklaces silver gold rose gold


1) Chakra jewelry makes for a meaningful gift

What makes chakra jewelry different than normal jewelry is that it has a powerful meaning behind it. Gifting something like this chakra necklace is a way to support your loved one’s overall wellbeing and sense of joy, and they will feel incredibly supported and appreciated with something so thoughtful.


2) People don’t tend to buy jewelry for themselves

It’s so easy for us all to get caught up in our daily tasks and the busyness of life that many of us don’t indulge in buying jewelry for ourselves. That’s what makes chakra jewelry such a special gift, because it’s an item that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, so it will be treasured even more.


3) It’s a gorgeous external reminder of someone’s inner beauty

Chakra jewelry serves a potent purpose: to connect the person who wears it with their own abundance and to remind them of their strength, their potential and their infinite worthiness. What better way to express this than in a beautiful chakra necklace you can proudly wear anywhere?


girl on beach wearing chakra necklace black and white


4) Chakra jewelry is timeless

There are so many materialistic gifts that can’t be used after a few weeks or a few months, but chakra jewelry is not one of them. What makes this item such a perfect present, is that it can be worn for a lifetime, not just for a season.


5) Chakra jewelry is a great gift for all body types and skin tones

The great thing about gifting jewelry is that it looks incredible on anyone, no matter their shape, size or skin tone. That’s why our Bearth Chakra Necklaces come in a range of different colors: silver, gold, brass and rose-gold, so that no matter who you gift them too, they will make them shine from the inside out.


6) Chakra jewelry is a practical gift

The thing we love most about chakra jewelry as a gift is that it is wearable, so it is something that can be enjoyed time and time again, providing endless joy for years to come. This is also why we use high-quality materials for our chakra necklaces here at Bearth, to ensure your gift lasts forever.


7) It’s a beautiful way to express your love and appreciation for someone

Nothing says “I see you and I love you” quite like chakra jewelry. This is a beautiful way to show your adoration for someone in your life and to make them feel like a walking, breathing goddess.


girl wearing chakra necklace drinking coconut


8) It’s an investment, not a purchase

Chakra jewelry is worth it’s weight in gold, and it’s not an everyday purchase that won’t be valued. It’s an investment and the gift that keeps on giving, because jewelry never goes out of style and can even be passed down to future generations.


9) It’s a mindful gift, not a compulsive one

Gifting chakra jewelry shows that you have carefully thought about that person and what they need at this time in their life. And doesn’t it feel amazing to give from the heart rather than giving because you feel obligated to?


10) You are gifting positive vibrations

Wearing chakra jewelry can help bring positive vibrations to even the deepest parts of the body, helping to restore and balance the energies of the person wearing it. That’s why gifting chakra jewelry is an amazing way to literally give the gift of love.

hands in water holding gold chakra necklace


Those were our 10 reasons why we think chakra jewelry would make the perfect gift. If you’re looking to gift a special someone something timeless, why not take a look at our shop? Our Chakra Necklaces come in 4 different colours and are made ethically in Bali – so not only will you feel good about gifting a unique jewelry piece, but you’ll also be supporting a small business that gives back to its community.

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