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The Polarity: How Does the Masculine and Feminine Inside of You Feel Like?

by BEARTH journey
The Polarity: How Does the Masculine and Feminine Inside of You Feel Like?
Here we go! We don't know how but June is here. Such a lovely & cheerful month ahead of us!
Most countries in the world start this month by celebrating International Children's day and not only because of this beautiful reminder we would like to dedicate the month of June to your own inner world, your own inner family, that consists of your inner child, feminine&masculine energy. 
Are you ready to marry yourself and fulfill the needs of your inner child?
We are! And we are here to support you on this journey with some wisdom we gained through our personal experience and also by using our products which can help you to connect with yourself, your needs, desires, emotions & much more.

Let's explore together.

Do you tend to connect with your inner child often? Do you know his/her desires, wishes, favorite things, places? Or you don't even know what we are speaking about here? It's actually very easy to renew this connection if you lost it over time. Just find time for yourself to calm down, tune in with your heart, your inner Universe, embrace the silence and ask this beautiful part of you to come and talk to you. Be patient. Allow yourself to soften and wait for the answers, notes, insights from your younger self. She/he can carry a wisdom that could surprise you and bring you new perspective and fresh air to your daily life. 

No pressure.
Play with this part of you.
Playfulness is the essence that your inner child represents when taken care of.
Sometimes we forget to play, to let ourselves be guided by joy, pleasure, simple things that are bringing easiness and laughter. Use our beautiful chakra necklace to help you to balance your energy centers to be able to connect with your inner world in an easier way. You can choose from three beautiful colors and to choose could be the first question that your inner child can give you an answer for. Immerse yourself in playfulness and start to explore right now.

We spoke about feminine energy during the past 2 months. What was the result of your observation? You can share with us in the comments below. To be fully connected with a healthy representation and qualities of female energy & power inside of you is the key to happiness and ability to enjoy your life in its wholeness and juiciness. 

Are you flowing? Do you allow yourself to embrace your pleasure in every way in its whole greatness?
From time to time we still suppress our emotions because it can seem easier not to feel them with your whole body. But actually you can use them as a nice guideline not only through your own inner journey.
You are not your emotions, you feel the emotions.
Don't let them rule your life but try to use them as a beneficial fuel on your journey, a guideline on how to embrace and keep your inner peace and happiness. And as we know the biggest gift that we have as women is that we are naturally sensual and to explore the life around with our senses is more than pleasant and actually truly needed. Start to enjoy every single moment, every situation through your senses, your playful curiosity, using your intuition to guide you through this experience. And maybe you will notice that your sexual energy, the life-giving force & your vibration start to rise slowly. And you will become a powerful magnetic miracle that attracts all she wants. Indulge in pampering and treating yourself in the very best way. Awake that inner goddess that lies within by seeing your sexual energy as an intergral part of your charm and grace. Decorate yourself with beautiful earrings from our Wild&Free Collection to feel expressed, seen, vulnerable, wild & magical. Which color feels aligned the most with you right now?

And what about your masculine energy? Your inner man? How does he feel? Do you know which qualities are connected with sacred masculinity? Do you know how to call him to the action when you need his abilities, his support?

Sacred masculine energy creates a supportive nest for you. This powerful kind of energy is here to hold a space for you & to allow you to step up for yourself and be true in every situation - in good times & also in the bad, in sickness and in health. Every time. Everywhere! Fully seen, loved & honored. A beautiful vessel to bring the movement towards the action. Are you ready to call upon this principle to stand up for yourself in your full grace? And also to be able to tap into your logic, objectivity and observe the way of taking risks and inspired action?
Masculine energies are also connected with owning your own mistakes and being able to learn from them, expanding your comfort zone even if you don't feel ready. And to be honest, one of my favorites is to spend less time overthinking and more time taking action, because this way can bring you a lot of new and unexpected outcomes. And from time to time even the flowy goddesses guided by divine feminine need this connection with discipline, structure and self-control. The best way is to merge both principles in divine & sacred connection.
Are you ready to marry yourself by connecting the man & the woman which lies inside of you? You can use your intuition to guide you in a way of preparing the special ritual to do so. And your masculine to find the best wedding ring to provide this SACRED RITUAL OF MARRYING YOURSELF. For example you can use the BEARTH Wild&Free ring to free your soul with this beautiful wedding ceremony for the both principles that you carry inside of you. You can choose from 2 different materials and invite your inner child to be part of this magical ceremony and give a blessing to this sacred union.
Bring the essence of your wild free spirit to the spotlight.

To honor & protect this beautiful connection of all your unique parts, check our malas for HIM and HER to connect with the divine. Emerge your yin & yang principles and let them shine brightly by allowing them to support and complete each other. 

The choice is yours. Defining your way of happiness coming from embracing inner peace, balance & harmony.

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