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Observe the Healing Power Created by Nature

by BEARTH Store
Observe the Healing Power Created by Nature

Let's start with one of our newest creations, the LEMURIAN SISTER COLLECTION, which consists of 2 pieces - BODY CHAIN and WRIST CHAIN.

You can also order them together as a BEAUTIFUL SET to connect with the Lemurian origin of your soul.

Our founder Eliska spent the whole last year receiving beautiful teachings from Lemuria about sisterhood, and co-creation in its purest form.

Thanks to these teachings she created these unique designs using the mystical healing power of pearls together with gold accents to bring out the magic of everyone who decides to bless themselves with Lemurian treasures.

We have already mentioned the unique properties of precious metals in a previous article last month.

So let's take a closer look at the breath-taking power of pearls.

This magical treasure coming from beautiful crystalline waters has amazing and usually very well-known healing properties.

Maybe because of its origin coming from a connection with the water element.

In general, they are really helpful for physical illnesses. They have a strong reputation for assisting with digestive disorders, healing the heart, kidneys, urinary system, liver, and eye ailments, and improving the skin.

It relieves conditions of bloating and biliousness.

It strengthens the adrenal glands, the spleen, and muscle tissues.

So wearing pearls can be really beneficial for you if you would like to soften yourself, release overthinking patterns, and connect with life in a way that it flows. But we will get to these spiritual, mental, and emotional properties a little bit later.

In terms of physical health, it also helps to lessen hypertension, headaches, and exhaustion, and reduce allergies, colds, and lung infections. Pearls have been used to help with fertility and ease pain during childbirth.

What are pearls exactly? Magic comes from the depths of the waters and was created as a mixture of mineral and organic material formed with the soft living tissue of a shelled mollusk.

Pearls have really supportive and strong connections especially with 3rd Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra, Gemini and Cancer Zodiac, with the Moon, Water element, and number 7.




By wearing them you can welcome the qualities of:
♥ Purity
♥ Honesty
♥ Innocence
♥ Integrity
♥ Concentration
♥ Focus
♥ Meditation
♥ Tranquility
♥ Wisdom
♥ Pure Love
♥ Nurture the growth
♥ Faith
♥ Charity
♥ Innocence
♥ Personal Integrity



In terms of feelings & emotions, pearls help to balance the human body's natural rhythms and hormone levels with the cycle of La Luna and help to bring more magic to the surface. If you need to release and let go of the emotions that you are inclined to hold onto, pieces with pearls would be the best option for you. It also relieves uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, and tension, and these stones can calm and soothe emotions, and heal the negative inner voice. In general, they enhance feelings of goodwill and positive, uplifting feelings.

Because of a very strong connection with the heart and 3rd eye chakra, it will teach you to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of your true self, how to love yourself more and, in return, love others more as well. Which can easily lead to spreading loving vibrations all around you and in this way attract your future partner thanks to this raised vibration of yourself - because pearls are also worn as insurance of happy and meaningful connections between partners.

Pearls are really good to move negative attachments and psychic attacks out of your aura and help to release negative karmic patterns and fill the aura with healing light. While using those during your meditation, you will encourage money to flow into your life because it's also the energy. They will assist you to manifest what you need at that exact time and place.

​As they easily absorb both positive and negative thoughts and emotions they need to be cleaned and recharged often, as they will hold the energy indefinitely. Place them in the moonlight to recharge these crystals. You can also purify them with fresh water from the ocean, sea, rivers, waterfalls, or springs. Pearls help in the search for higher wisdom and truth. As we mentioned already, these insanely powerful pieces of magic can dissolve any negative energy that has been sent to you by psychic attacks and repels psychic vampires. It also moves negative attachments out of your aura and, in return, fills it with the healing light of pure love, compassion, and ease.

They are strongly interconnected with our several auric bodies, but this topic is so rich that maybe we will focus on this theme in a separate article somewhere in the future.




We love all the qualities of the water element; this is why we also use cowrie shells as the main material to create our BEARTH anklet. Some legends say that in ancient times, these shells have been used as currency and maybe that's also the reason why we see them as a symbol of good luck and wealth.

Properties of cowrie shells:

  • oceanic wealth & power
  • the free spirit of mermaids
  • femininity & fertility
  • protection
  • abundance & good fortune
  • magical power & good luck
  • love
  • creation & manifestation

The best option for you, if you like to strengthen the qualities of the free-flowing oceanic water in your life and liberate yourself from your past, old system beliefs & patterns.

Connect with your free spirit and gift yourself our beautiful BEARTH anklet.



Our malas carry unique and special energies because they have been created with pure intentions and from very delicate and precious materials as well as the other products. Every single piece is original and also purified and blessed during the ceremony in a very exceptional Balinese water temple close to the very well-known strong energetic center of our Mama Gaia, where the Ley Lines of her intersect and create insanely high-vibrational vortexes.


The materials that we use for our malas are:

  • Rudraksha beds
  • delicate Agarwood
  • lava stones
  • tiger eye
  • crystal quartz

It is believed that Rudraksha beds have electro-magnetic, paramagnetic, inductive, diamagnetic and dynamic polarity effects that help in healing various diseases like insomnia, blood pressure, body ache, headache, depression, heart diseases, and skin diseases. They are helping us to connect with nature even more also because of the fact that they are seeds of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree. They can be very beneficial for people, who are moving constantly during the day, for example, digital nomads, who use to travel a lot because they are helping to create a powerful protective and balancing cocoon around you. In general, very protective influence on the wearer, bringing a sensation of safety and stability, safeguarding against negative energies.

Other benefits of wearing rudraksha beads:

  • purity
  • focus
  • activation & activity
  • meditation
  • balance chakras
  • bringing the peace
  • sharpen the mind
  • increase self-power
  • attracts abundance
  • control stress, hypertension, blood pressure
  • improving health, creativity, satisfaction, intuitive ability, and harmony in relationships


Sacred agarwood is a very powerful exotic wood with a beautiful smell and specific properties for your body, mind, and soul. This is the reason why it was highly sought after since ancient times for its fragrance and medicinal properties. This exotic wood has been also called “Wood of Gods" so you can bet that its benefits are magical and divine. Very beneficial for strengthening the intestines, and bringing relief and comfort to the heart.

Unique properties of agarwood:

  • harmonizing and calming especially for your heart
  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • encourage sleep
  • lift your mood
  • enhance the flow of life force energy in the body
  • relieve pain
  • beneficial for the stomach and digestive system
  • antibacterial properties
  • supportive for the immune system
  • calm the body and mind

Those are the main reasons why we decided to use agarwood as one of the materials to create our malas.


Lava stones carry a magnificent veil of mystery around themselves not only because of their origin birthed by powerful volcanoes. They have been used as protective stones on altars, as the main materials of jewelry, and as basic beads to create protective malas. And we have also decided to use them as a part of our radiant products. Helping you to reconnect with nature and with yourself. This supportive energy can help you reduce feelings of anger and negativity, and replace them with strength and courage. Also very beneficial for grounding and boosting the connection with your lower chakras, especially the root chakra. And one more important thing about lava stones - they are natural diffusers themselves, so put a drop of your favorite essential oil and combine those 2 powerful tools to heal you, support you or help you to manifest things that you desire into your life.

Lava stones properties:

  • calm emotions
  • rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of yourself
  • awakening internal fire
  • strength, courage & power
  • clear thinking
  • balance energies inside of your body
  • smoothing energy flow in your body
  • clearing negative emotions
  • grounding
  • alleviate anxiety
  • promote emotional tranquility
  • calmness & relaxation
  • cleanse negative thoughts
  • stimulate creativity
  • muscle tension relief
  • energizing for lifting your mood

And also the combination of the materials that we use in our products is not just casually made. For example, combining Lava stone, Agarwood, Rudraksha, and Tiger Eye stone can promote protection abilities from negative energies. So you wouldn't be surprised that we also use Tiger Eye in our Miracle Mala to attract the abundance.



Tiger's Eye is very popular not only as a jewelry stone but also in the terms of Feng shui as a decoration in the space of your home as a protective and balancing amulet by placing it close to the front door or window. A stone of the warrior of the light promoting self-confidence and inner strength. As we have already mentioned it is a unique protection stone, which can also bring good luck, focus the mind, promote mental clarity and assist in resolving problems objectively. Useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, and dispelling fear and anxiety. This crystal is a pure representation of powerful energy if you want to overcome self-doubt and gain more clarity and confidence. Connected also to sacral chakra and Manipura and really effective to support and balance masculine energy inside of you.

Let's summarize the properties of Tiger's Eye gemstone:

  • promotes centeredness
  • offers encouragement
  • boosts creativity
  • offers protection & grounding
  • clears away negative energy
  • helps you to connect with your 3rd eye
  • bringing courage



Crystal quartz is one of the fundamental gems that everyone should have at home or as a piece of jewelry or amulet. Very suitable stone for almost everyone and ideal to work with intentions, manifesting and spiritual abilities in general. It enhances spiritual growth, free will and inner wisdom. Helping you to clarify thoughts and emotions and thanks to that increasing inspiration and creativity. You can use it to boost your concentration, focus, so it's very good to wear it during studies and the learning process. Considered as well as a very powerful purifier not only for yourself but you can also use it to cleanse the energy of other crystals that you own. And not only purifier but also amplifier - this is one of the reasons why it is good for working with intentions. It's also considered as a king of crystals. 


  • amplifying appearance
  • bringing clarity and transparency
  • cooling vibes
  • regulates release of energy 
  • balancing energies
  • supporting manifestation and connection to your higher self
  • soothing your soul
  • stimulates the immune system
  • clears the toxins
  • protects against negative energy
  • stimulates brighter feelings
  • connects with all the chakras
  • encourages spiritual growth




We have several variations of malas prepared for you. You can check on our website and see which one is calling your name. And we are curious which one it will be for you: 



Hopefully, this short explanation of the properties of every material that we use to produce our jewelry will help you to choose the one that resonates with your soul the best.

Use your intuition to guide you to the one or maybe more :) that is meant to be yours. And no worries about how to cleanse and charge your gemstones. Your inner voice will guide you through this process as well.

But we can give you a few tips:

  • the best way how to cleanse your treasures is to use water, salty water, or smoke from an incense stick, sacred herbs, or even the flame of the candle that you calibrate especially for this occasion
  • to charge your crystals use the moonlight and to use the moonlight of the FULL MOON would be the best possible option

But again, as we already have said in this article, tap into your intuition, the source of your inner wisdom and find out, which option resonates the best with you, and maybe you will even invent your own way, your own ritual, how to prepare and work with your gems, precious metals, and powerful seeds and woods.

Enjoy the dance with your soul and follow the joy and pleasure.


Soften & Connect.

In next article, we would like to have a closer look on the sacred geometry, symbols, and chakras.

More useful and interesting information is coming.

Much Love.




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