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Connect and understand the rhythm of the MOON

by BEARTH journey
Connect and understand the rhythm of the MOON
How many times did you take a look at the sky and got mesmerized by the beauty of La Luna? 
This magical creature is bringing light to our dark nights and teaching us how to soften ourselves, become more compassionate and act from the place of love even when situations seem to be overwhelming sometimes. 
She reminds us a lot, our connection with cycles, with our own cycle, with this magical power lying within us.  
Let’s have a closer look at how connection with this beautiful Moon Priestess can influence our life and open the possibility to find our inner voice, our inner truth, our inner fire and open the gates to endless freedom. 
It’s becoming necessary to reconnect with nature, because this energy can support us and make our life and manifestation process easier and flowing.
To know more about Moon phases and events would be beneficial and useful especially in April because we will experience 2 dark Moons & also Eclipse during this month:
1. 4. 2022 Dark Moon in Aries but New Moon in Taurus
16. 4. 2022 Full Moon in Libra
30. 4. Dark Moon II in Taurus + Eclipse


 In general, we can divide Moon phases into 2 main - „waning“ and waxing“.

First, let’s make things clear and let’s speak about the New Moon.
The best time to manifest, to start new things is a New Moon –  time when we can see the first little piece of  „Waxing Crescent“ in the sky. 




-      good for sweeping out not beneficial and heavy energies, negativity, entities, ghosts, situations, toxic relationships that don't serve to our higher goodness anymore. We can easily say that it’s the best time for exorcism :D
-      this period is also considered as a best time to understand how in which situations we self-sabotage, self-destructed and abandoned ourselves and also for deeper understanding of our emotions and fears
-      usually a time and space of neutralization of magic
-      this is the darkest phase of all phases and it’s good to pay attention to protect yourself in this phase especially because ppl who practice black magic are really active so you better use some sage, our malas to protect yourself 


-      time when the first crescent is visible in the sky

-      time for magic, new beginnings, manifesting, setting intentions, focusing on positive outcomes, new relationships, vision boards, rituals to attract or increase positive events



-      ideal time to manifest things like money&abundance, new job opportunities, material things and other simple but important things that are amplifying our essence, pure manifestation of your soul in this reality.

-      but we can also manifest new love, friends, relationships, resources in this period

-      also good time to look for a land, apartment, house, home or during this period things that were lost can “accidentally” appear

-      best time to have a closer look to our eshop to get yourself a piece of magic which will help you and support you to manifest your beautiful new reality





-      good time to support our body, our temple – especially on physical and energetical levels

-      in general to support our vitality, strength, health

-      time of clarity, cleanliness, foresight

-      the most powerful phase for get the things done, thrive the outcomes and surrendering to the power of the Universe



-      full awareness, understanding, AHA MOMENTS

-      surrendering to everything that we realized we don’t need anymore in our lives

-      process of fullness


-      suitable time for discarding all the things that are lowering our vibration, don’t serve us anymore, pull us down, bring us frustration and things that we don’t want to have in our lives anymore

-      ideal time to work with energy of resistance, boundaries, restrictions

-      barriers, protection, word NO

-      shrinking, reducing and bringing things to an end

-      shadow work



-      breaking temptation, reversal of negatives that we “accidentally” manifested by our way of living, thoughts and actions lead by emotions

-      time for transformation, metamorphosis

-      working with the energies that are limiting and binding us 

-      time for removing obstacles from our path



-      breaking the spells/magic

-      cleansing the spells that someone put on us

-      healing, rehabilitation, peace, healing wounds, energies of death and rebirth


Moon is teaching us to connect with our emotions, to connect with the darkness and accept it as a part of us to the process of softening, feeling, compassion and love.

La Luna is also considered as the most powerful manifestor especially with the subtle essence that really matters in the space where we can observe the absence of ego – in the place where we can meet our pure potential. 

What can be really helpful in this process of deepening a connection with her it’s to start to write „Moon diary“ which can bring you a lot of clarity in your life. This simple step of a new daily routine can be transformational in many layers and will bring you better understanding how powerful our connection with Moon is and how we can make our lives easier following this special connection. It’s also helping us to step up to our true potential through connection with rituals.

And will be another topic that we would like to share with you next month - rituals connected with FULL MOON and NEW MOON. 

Answer the calling, world needs these fully empowered wild goddesses to hold the space, open hearts of others, giving the guidance to find the way to freedom, love and joy. 











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