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Connect with your cycle and embrace your feminine flow

by BEARTH journey
Moon feminine energy cycle

Through a connection with higher self and the depths of the soul, we women are able to discover things that have been hidden for a long time,

the unknown - a wholeness that has never been separated.

Because only if we feel complete, whole, safe and connected, we can create from the place of pure potential, from the place where our essence lies. 


Moon cycle of a woman

In ancient times - THE MOON CYCLE OF A WOMAN was worshiped and celebrated by society. Women of all ages have come together in sacred circles to share awareness of the gifts that the menstrual cycle brings. The patriarchate felt threatened by a force emanating from women who were fully aware of the potential hidden in their own cyclicality, so that what was once considered beautiful and pure became stigmatized and taboo. 

The sacred cycle of women was limited to the meaning of reproduction.

The moon cycle represents a great personal potential that is awakened by the acceptance of own womanhood, the awakening of the inner consciousness and connection with the body. 

It is a very fragile system that responds to all the stimuli that a to the colorful emotional world that a woman carries within her and that surrounds her around. Only a little thing can easily affect a cycle. Be aware of it and explore, play with it.  

The difference between the version of herself a woman lives and the one she feels that she really is, can easily affect the production of hormones, and the hormones in turn affect the state of the mind. 

Imbalance can be manifested by disorders of the menstrual cycle, pain, excessive or insufficient bleeding and the formation of cysts, fibroids, etc.

Let's bring this sacred way of perceiving our own cycle as a powerful gift and a well of wisdom back again. 


Phases of your moon cycle

The regular alternation of the cycle of physical, emotional and mental transformations of a woman is synchronized with the magnificent Luna in the sky. The menstrual cycle hides a natural model of personal development, including optimal times for stabilization, cleansing, active action, or immersion. With respecting these phases you can unfold for yourself a very powerful tool on how to manifest faster, work with shadow more effectively and several other benefits applicable to your daily life. 

Each specific phase carries with it the potential that a woman can tune into during a given period and use her own resources. The four lunar phases belong to the individual archetypes from which women's experience, feelings and behavior derive.

Every month, a woman goes through a phase influenced by the energy of birth to the point of being represented by the energy of death. By accepting the essence of death, each month, during her period, allows herself to be cleansed at all levels of being.

You have the opportunity to hand over everything you were not able to process throughout the month. This is why, we as women, are mentally unstable during menstruation. Accumulated, not manifested and repressed emotions are purified and washed away thanks to the natural intelligence of the law of nature. When a woman does not use the menstrual period to purify all levels, including the emotional and the mental, but instead suppresses her natural feelings, she separates another piece of her wholeness. And when she loses her wholeness, the connection between the ability to be able to observe and identify subtle things is getting weaker, which can lower the voice of inner knowledge, the voice of intuition.

Every month, a woman changes her personality four times. This does not indicate a divisive nature of the woman, on the contrary, female variability highlights the wholeness and ability to be a self-confident Virgin, an empathetic Mother, an intuitive Modern Witch and a calm, Wise Woman at the same time.

The average cycle of the Moon lasts approximately 29 days, as does the average time it takes a woman to complete her entire menstrual cycle. Each phase lasts approximately 7 days. There is no need to focus on the individual phases and how the woman should feel during them. The outline of the moon phases is intended to help you understand your own physical, emotional, and mental changes. The point is to allow yourself to be free at any stage the way a woman feels and to experience the feeling of self-acceptance. 

Because feminine essence is represented by the lunar energy, a woman reacts sensitively to the Moon's cycle and its energetic potential, especially through the individual phases of her own cycle.

Nowadays 2 terms are quite known in society if we speak about the woman cycle and her connection with the cycle of the Moon because our bodies were created in a way to have this connection with nature. And we are slowly starting to remember that and coming back to ourselves to reconnect with it finally. 


These 2 types are known as a “White Moon” cycle and “Red Moon” cycle. 

White Moon Cycle

This cycle is considered as a traditional type of cycle when bleeding is connected with a New Moon and ovulation with a Full Moon

In terms of dynamic and energies - the ovulation phase of the cycle has yang polarity which means that woman is more active, productive, craving for a movement, is able to conceive a child - and it is the same polarity that energy of Full Moon has.

On the other hand, menstruation has a Yin polarity which is linked with the same type of energy that New Moon has - women like to have their time alone, time to rest, reconnect, rejuvenate. During this period of a cycle they are more sensitive, more receptive, more intuitive and softer.

Women with a White Moon cycle were preferential in ancient times because all their energy was directed towards men and kids 

Red Moon Cycle

A woman tuned to the Red Moon cycle, menstruates during Full Moon and ovulates during New Moon. This type of cycle can bring reconnection with creative sexual energy. This cycle is referred to as the "Wise Women's Cycle" because the creative energy of Red Moon women travels outward. Women with the Red Moon cycle have a greater tendency to desire self-realization, creativity and development.

No matter if your cycle is synchronized with the Moon in one of these ways or it's different or changes year round, which is also common and absolutely ok. The most important thing is to be connected with your inner world and visit your inner temple on a regular basis to know what's going on in there, how you feel and what are the needs of your body. Every time listen to your body because it's specific and you know the best about what is good for you and how your energy flow wants to be in every moment. 

Bleeding is a beautiful, sacred and unique part of our being here on the Earth that we should celebrate. It is emotional and sooooo liberating. 

Now is the time to cultivate and honor our periods and support each other in this process.

Sisterhood is the key for the New Earth we want to live on.

You are LOVE and you are LOVED. ♡
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