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Anchor & Heal thanks to the magical abilities of precious materials of our products

by BEARTH Store
Anchor & Heal thanks to the magical abilities of precious materials of our products
Have you been wondering why beings on this Earth were using jewelry, amulets, and other types of decoration for their bodies? If you think that they wanted to look more pretty, you are right. But that's not all. They were using those beautiful and special pieces also because of their unique qualities and abilities to heal. Most of the world is already familiar with the fact that gemstones are able to heal, support your intentions, create portals, and a lot of other things. But did you know that precious metals also have a lot of special properties?
Let's start with the simple but very obvious one - these materials - like gold and silver - have really high vibration which is helping to raise your own vibration as well. So if you wear those materials daily it's not only about making you pretty but also helping you to connect with the best potential version of yourself. In ancient times (and also nowadays) they've been used also for therapeutic purposes. Applied to the skin, they have an electromagnetic influence that acts on cells and deeper tissues. The same applies to gemstones and shapes that we are using.
We would like to explain to you today all the specifics of each product itself to know why you should get them. Because it's not only about the fact that they look beautiful but also about all the things that we have mentioned above.

We are infinitely proud of this product because it connects you with your truth, and inner wisdom and balances your chakra system which allows you to shine brightly and appear at your highest radiant potential. You can choose from 3 types of materials:



GOLD has been a symbol of magnificence, grace, power, and wealth since humans began keeping a record of precious metals and valuable items.Also associated with purity and helping to open to communication with THE SOURCE. Trying to manifest more abundance in your life? Wear gold while you’re meditating on your intentions and also in your daily life… trust us! To support your daily practices with items made from gold is a very useful tool to achieve better and faster results. We also love to wear gold to help open the crown chakra. This material is also beneficial to balancing the nervous system, improves memory and intelligence, strengthens heart muscles, and increases resistance to fatigue, awakening consciousness. Also helps people with epilepsy, hysteria, heart attacks, weak lungs, arthritis, and spleen disorders.



SILVER has very important healing properties. It promotes increased strength and endurance of the body, strengthening the immune & hormonal system and regulating the function of glands, which is very important to our health and well-being. For those who want to tap into their psychic abilities, silver is a very good option to wear. It has a strong association with intuition, vision, and clarity.

Silver is a strong antiseptic and helps in states of exhaustion, chronic fever, weakness after fever, heartburn, inflammation of the intestines, bladder hyperactivity, and heavy periods.



Rose gold

This radiant metal is very good to ease tension, bringing comfort, feminine energy, compassion, forgiveness, lightness, softening, and eliminating feelings of inferiority and anger. This can leads us to a summary that Rose gold can be very beneficial for the nervous system itself by improving its ability to communicate essential information, and enhancing the flow of information through the body of the person who wears it. Also very supportive to successfully manifest your dreams and visions of your full and highest potential. Is an excellent amplifier and electrical conductor - especially for the Solar plexus and Heart Chakra.

It's believed that this precious piece of metal is charged with the warmth of energy of the Sun. Is often worn by healers, teachers, therapists, and people who work with others especially after sessions for the purpose of self-healing practices, to replenish diminished energies, and to help balance chakras. Strongly connected with self-love. And in combination with our design using the symbols of chakras you can be sure that your chakras will be balanced, supported, and flourishing.



And do you know what other material we love to use to produce magical pieces of our jewelry? Zircon is one of the oldest minerals on Earth. Did you know that it also has many healing and beneficial properties? A lot of people usually think that it is only a piece of glass or something but actually zircon is a really powerful mineral aligned with all the chakras. Interesting and surprising at the same time, right? Or maybe not at all if you are familiar with our brand philosophy. In general, zircon has very similar beneficial properties to precious metals including reducing fevers, soothing pains and relieving stomach cramps, asthma, lung problems, and pain during your period. This fact is also not surprising because the name zircon most likely comes from the Persian word “zargun” which means gold-colored.


Many healers use zircon to alleviate physical and mental ailments. It is also believed that this precious mineral stimulates the liver and is helpful for people to detox from several substances like nicotine, alcohol, and many others. It balances the adrenal glands, releasing stress levels and bringing harmony to those who wear it. It is also valued as a cure for nightmares and insomnia because it promotes restful sleep. And what is really beneficial, it helps deal with loss and grief and boosts passion for life, work and activities. Many people use it during meditation and to support the process of developing psychic intuition, mental purification, and clear negative energy thanks to the fact that it has a protective aura. Also attract wisdom, success, honor, and wealth. So in combination with precious metals, it is bringing pure magic that can happen in your life. And if you are willing to become more organized, you should get yourself at least one piece coming from this strong combination of materials - for example, beautiful earrings or rings from our “Wild&Free collection”. You can choose from 3 different colors. Use your intuition to guide you to pick one that resonates the best with your current vibration and radiance.


Next month we will take a closer look at the other materials that we use in our production.


Stay tuned.


Sending you lots of love.

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