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5 Ways to Celebrate Love With the 5 Love Languages

by BEARTH journey
5 Ways to Celebrate Love With the 5 Love Languages

February is the month of love, but why should that only be reserved for romantic relationships? For this Valentine’s day, we want to celebrate L-O-V-E in all of it’s many colourful and wonderful forms. Whether that’s love for a spouse, love for a friend, love for a mother or love for yourself, love is love, all the same.

One of our favorite ways to foster more warmth and love in our lives is by using the magical 5 love languages. If you haven’t heard about them yet, they were created by best-selling author and marriage counseller Dr Gary Chapman. 

He defines love in 5 different essential ways in which humans connect, which makes sense, because different people with different personality types will of course prefer to receive love in different ways.

Although Chapman’s love languages were designed to help those in relationships, you can absolutely switch them around to self-love languages or even apply them to other types of love in your life.

The beautiful thing about learning your love language (and the one of those around you) is that it will help you to connect on an even deeper level with them. And by having that self-awareness, it will make loving (and being loved) look easy.

So without further ado, here are 5 different ways you can supercharge love in your life with the 5 different love languages:



People who’s love language is words of affirmation feel most loved when they receive verbal encouragement and in the form of words. This can be from a simple “I love you” or even a handwritten note.


Some ideas you can use:

  • Writing love-notes on the mirror
  • Practicing affirmations
  • Sending texts of encouragement
  • Using guided meditations

If “Words of Affirmation” is your love language you’ll love BEARTH Chakra Necklaces. Each necklace comes with a special ritual that you can perform to activate the necklace and connect deeper with yourself. You can also wear the necklace while saying mantras or affirmations to yourself to affirm your love.

chakra necklaces incense ritual


People with this love language feel most appreciated when spending time together with their loved ones. It doesn’t matter where they go, as long as they can enjoy your company, they will feel valued.


Some ideas you can use:

  • Leave your phone at home to give them your undivided attention
  • Have a weekly date night (doesn’t matter if it’s your partner, a friend or for yourself!)
  • Watch a movie together, or if alone, read your favorite book in bed
  • Cook their favorite food and spend an evening together

If your love language is “quality time”, you’ll love BEARTH Miracle Malas. These unique mala beads make the perfect individual gift or you can also buy them as a duo. You can spend yummy quality time together by meditating alongside one another, each with a mala around your neck to unify your love.

couple meditation mala beads bearth



People with “physical touch” as their love language feel most appreciated when they are in close contact with those nearest to them. A hug, a kiss, or the squeeze of a hand can all go a long way for this person, as they adore human contact.


Some ideas you can use:

  • Have a nice snuggle with pets
  • Hold their hand or put your arm around them in public
  • Go out for a night of dancing with friends
  • Get a haircut and enjoy the complimentary head massage


If your love language is “physical touch” you’ll love: BEARTH Wild & Free collection. For the wild feminine souls in your life, the vegan leather feather earrings are soft to the touch and a radiant expression of one’s love. Or adorn the hand that you hold with the wild & free ring made with zircon, one of the earth’s oldest minerals.

physical touch love language earrings rings


Those that have “acts of service” as their love language adore being cared for with the simplest of gestures: helping with a workload, loading the dishwasher or an admin task they’ve been avoiding.


Ideas for this love language:

  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Order takeout food, so they don’t have to worry about the cleaning
  • Offer to help with a daunting work task


If your love language is “acts of service” then you’ll love: BEARTH Chakra Necklaces. Meaningful jewelry like our chakra necklaces can feel like an act of service and love to the person wearing it. It reminds them of their abundance, their worthiness and their potential every single day. 

 woman free feminine force chakra necklace


Those with the love language of “receiving gifts” feel most loved and appreciated when they receive thoughtful or meaningful gifts from those close to them. This is far from being materialistic! Instead, they value that the other person has been thinking of them, and displays that love in the form of a gift.


Ideas for this love language:

  • Make them a music playlist that reminds you of some good memories together
  • Buy them their favorite flowers, just because
  • Invite them to a special dessert
  • Make some DIY decor for your home


If your love language is “receiving gifts” then you’ll love: BEARTH mermaid anklets. The perfect special gift for a bestie. Each purchase comes with 2 cowrie-shell anklets so you can always think of each other whenever you wear them.

cowrie shell anklet mermaid

You can use the magic of the 5 love languages in your relationship with yourself or with those around you, and watch it spark even more love and adoration than you thought was possible. 


Happy Valentine’s from BEARTH to all the lovers, the soul-mates, the partners in crime, the partners in life, the birth families and the chosen families and everything in between. 


You are LOVE and you are LOVED. ♡

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